Black Pastors Silent as Farrakhan Attacks Christianity


Not a word from Jesse Jackson. Not a peep from Al Sharpton. Not one black pastor stepped up this week to respond to the attack upon the Christian faith by Louis Farrakhan,  leader of the Nation of Islam.

In separate appearances at predominantly black Alabama A&M University in Normal, Ala. and Miss ionary Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn., Farrakhan declared that black Christians are self-hating; that they are following the white man’s religion.

“See,” said Farrakhan, “you’ve got a song you sing in the church, ‘Ride on King Jesus.’”  What it really means, he told his black audience, is “Ride on King White Folk.”

“You may not think you’re saying that,” Farrakhan admonished, “but your actions prove that you worship white people and hate yourself at the same time.”

Then the black Muslim firebrand dropped another incendiary bomb on his audience. The Christian church, he claimed, has conspired to hide the fact that Jesus Christ was a black man.

“Even Billy Graham said it years ago,” Farrakhan told his audience. “So why,” he asked, did the Christian church “make Him white when you knew he was black?”

I wish that the nation’s black clergy had responded to Farrakhan’s attack upon their Christian faith.

I wish that just one black pastor had pointed out that Billy Graham actually said, “Jesus was not a white man; He was not a black man. He came from that part of the world that touches Africa and Asia and Europe.”

I wish Rev. Sharpton had said that black Christians are not worshiping white people, as Farrakhan, the racial demagogue, asserted, but are worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I wish that Rev. Jackson had said that black Christians do not hate themselves, as the black Muslim leader accused, but are practicing the brotherly – colorblind – love their   Lord and Saviour commanded.

Edmund Burke famously declared, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Black pastors had an opportunity this week to publicly condemn the evil, divisive remarks of Louis Farrakhan. But they did nothing. They said nothing.

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66 thoughts on “Black Pastors Silent as Farrakhan Attacks Christianity

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Us Christians will win any battle remember the devil try to make u question your belief! Jesus wisdom is perfect no matter what! Do u think Jesus would ever betray us? Brother the peace that we receive everybody wants? Yet only believing Jesus this is one of Jesus gifts he blesses you with! Trust that! We explain in peace as others get mad or angry as they looking for reason to explode! Brother we let all come to Jesus reasoning as they wondering how come were not losing our composer! Remember talk with Jesus authority and all shall want to learn deep down in there souls of them self

  2. Naim rasheed on said:

    True, black christians think materialism is an indication of having G-D iQ. Jessie jackson, sharpton know the truth (Allah). They have more fear of the ant- christ -Pale America. A black man or any other man praying to a jew or any man needs a mental hygiene check!

  3. Anonymous on said:

    While We Sit Here Gossiping, We As African American’s, Most Of Us Do Not Even Know, That, What We Need, We Already Have. We Have Our Own Flag. We Have Our Own Name’s, We Have Our Own Constitution, We Have Our Own Dress Attire. We Have Our Own Language’s, Arabic In Particular. Our Own Food’s, Our Own Place’s Of Worship, Set Time’s Of Prayer, Set Time’s To Travel For International Prayer And Worship. The Whole World Is Doing This, And You Are Stil Talking Division And Foolishness. Read What I Said, And Tell Me, This Is Not True. ISLAM Is Universal, All Walk’s Of Life Acknowledge “ALLAH” And His Holy Prophet. When Will You Come Home. You Have, What You Do Not Know You Have.

  4. Lisa Muhammad on said:

    Are All Christians that are not Roman Catholic forgetting that you are all PROTESTORS against the Christian faith…yes you are all different sects of Protestants. So please do not down grade Islam as a religion of slave keepers and slavers. The worst Holocaust ever was the MIDDLE PASSAGE and the inslavement of black Africans by other AFRICANS, ARABS and CHRISTIANS. And black slaves received the most INHUMANE treatment under CHRISTIANITY from the PROTESTANTS here in America. The HORRORS that blacks have suffered here is enough to make any sensible person, leave CHRISTIANITY.

    • Before the white man came to Africa, there was Trans Sahara trade. Perpetrated by Arab Islamafacious, To claim that your religion is of peace. You started the slave trade before the white man did. So Lisa go read your History, before you engage. Now slavery is still going on in Africa by Islam followers selling Christians. You don’t believe me google it. Please take your Islama food, we are not buying it.

      • Bro. Derrick 3X on said:

        Please. You need to stop your foolishness. Islam IS a religion of peace. When someone beats on you, and you’re about peace, how are you going to get peace? You’re not going to get peace by letting them whip your behind. White people were, and ARE the most ruthless and insidious slave makers and masters in history. They’re so insidious that they fool the slave into thinking they’re free. I know your silly self thinks slavery ended in 1865. Not so.

    • Muslims WERE white men (Arabs) trading blacks on the Trans Sahara trade like they do to the Nuba today. Ask Simon Deng, a former black slave from Sudan, who was kidnapped by Muslims and forced into slavery – he is now a human rights activist.

      Muhammed was a white slave owner – who not only had black slaves but also sex slaves (Mariyah) and he raped Safiyah, and beat Aisah. Farrakhan spoke against the modern black slaves in Africa in support of their Muslim Arab masters. Guess Farrakhan getting millions of dollars from Arabs to blame Jews is buying him off. Plus in Islam, all bad people will turn black and all good people will turn white. (Sura Al-i-Imran, 3:106-107)

      The first independent churches were in Africa, Acts 8 in the Bible. To equate Biblical Christianity with anti-Black racism is absurd. We must remember that Moses, the prophet, married an African, and God was angry at the racism of Moses’ own sister Miriam. In fact, God punished her with leprosy for seven days (see Numbers 12). The God of the Bible hates racism. the Lord Jesus Christ was Himself a child refugee in Africa (Matthew 1-2).

      The history of the Sudan is a case in point. Before the Muslim invasion of 1275 A.D. by the Islamic Mamluks of Egypt, the Sudan had three mini-Christian states called:

      NOBATIA in the north, the capital of Qustul, MAKURIA, the capital of old Dongola, and ALODIA or ALWA, the capital of Soba.

      These three Christian countries, from 300 A.D. to 1500 A.D. had their own written language, great centers of learning, international commerce with Egypt, Ethiopia and other Middle East states, and sent out missionaries to other African states (see K. Milhalowski,Faras, vol.2, Poland, 1965 for extensive archaeological and historical documentation on these states).

      Even the Arab, ibn Selim al-Assuani, was impressed when he saw Soba, describing it as having, …fine buildings, roomy houses, churches, and the land is more fruitful than Makuria…[and it has] much meat, and good horses.

      But all this was first destroyed by Muslim invaders in 1275 A.D., not European colonialists!

      The Islamic slave trade has been going on for 1400 years. People in Saudi, Egypt, and Kuwait are calling to legalize it again.

      Not like the sharia system is good in itself. No matter how many peaceful muslims you have they always seem to end up with an oppressive brutal regime cause of sharia. And they lie about Islamic accomplishments.

      • Bro. Derrick 3X on said:

        Show me your evidence that Muhammad of 1400 years ago was a slave owner. You have none, surprise surprise.

    • Anonymous on said:

      You know never respond evil verse evil

  5. Keon X on said:

    The Eurocentric system( white supremacy/black inferiority complexes ) of beliefs called Christianity are far from what The CHRIST would approve of. When you hear and KNOW the TRUTH you then have an obligation to stand with that TRUTH. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan IS a Man of TRUTH. One would be foolish to oppose the Spirit of TRUTH in the midst of the falsehood pushed by a Eurocentric Society.
    – one of the fears of the leaders in the scriptures was that the religion of the masses would be changed by the TRUTH.

    • The Day Walker on said:

      Brother JP, have you made an attempt to reach out to the Minister to clarify his quotes? I am sure if you had reached out and shared your concerns this article would not have been a thought. Also, what did you expect the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton to say about what Farrakhan said that night except “That’s right, Minister!”? Come on, brother, The Minister is right in those Scriptures that you claim to believe in but we are so blinded by our undying love for our enemies. A measure of a man some say is the enemies he has. Have you ever taken notice of who his enemies are? If you read your Bible you will find that Jesus Christ and Minister Farrakhan’s enemies look eerily alike! So, good brother, I know for a fact you do not want to be on the wrong side of history by aligning your self with those that oppose your and my rise as well as Minister Farrakhan by seeking to isolate Farrakhan from his Christian Family!

      • Thank you for your comments Day Walker. To answer your question, I have not reached out to the Minister. But if I had an opportunity to dialogue with him, I would convey would let him know that I recognize the positive role the NOI has played in rescuing young black men from such pathologies as substance abuse, gang violence and absentee fatherhood and transforming them into upstanding members of their communities. I also appreciate NOI’s encouragement to young black women to respect themselves, to be modest in appearance, to be blessings to their husbands and children. My problem is that the good the Minister and the Nation of Islam have done in the black community is all too often overshadowed by inflammatory remarks that demonize whites, Jews and Catholics; that slander blacks who dare to disagree the Minister’s more extreme pronouncements.

  6. The fact is, Christianity has been used as a tool to manipulate brown and black people for years. We can look at history to prove that. Compare the lives of black and white Christians. Why are white Christians quality of life way better than blacks? Whites certainly are no more holier. If they believed the bible they wouldn’t allow slavey,kkk,mass black incarceration, redlining at the bank on loans for blacks,subprime loans,payday loans,share cropping,voter intimidation, police brutality, job discrimination , I could go on. These things are practiced on a daily basis by white Christians to make black people’s lives, including the black pastors you speak of a living hell . This is why they are quiet. Farrakhan isn’t the problem with Christianity. Christianity only works one way-for whites. I often wonder how popular Christianity would be if practiced in reverse with most of the black members prosperous while the white members were treated in the same way. There is a church on every corner in black communities all over the U S. Often with a liquor store across the street,bail bonds next door and a payday loan store around the corner. Heck, most white Christians don’t even go to church with blacks. The message is clear.You will suffer here on earth,then die and go to heaven to be free of suffering. But not the white Christians. For some strange reason they don’t have to experience the suffering part. Sunday is the most segregated day of the week. Black pastors really don’t need to say much more than what history has written.

  7. David on said:

    Mike, thank you for articulating truths that people like JP can’t accept.
    And JP, why does the Pope and many eastern Europeans have Black Madonnas and Black Baby Jesuses on their wall?
    The truth is Europeans took the words of The Bible, concocted their own reality based on their views of the world and proceeded to spread it. If you have Jesus’s teachings, you are ok. If you have white man made, white supremist theology CALLED Christianity, then you are still a slave.
    And JP maybe you didn’t know this, but Minister Farrakhan teaches in churches almost more than he does in Mosques. The Black preachers who invite him have more progressive churches, more spiritual churches and the people in the church say they feel the Spirit of Christ more than when they hear their own pastors. In fact, many MANY Christian preachers base their Sunday sermons on what they hear in Lectures by Minister Farrakhan.

    Come with the facts or go home.
    JP, you need to go home and read the Bible again. You might actually learn something if you did.

  8. Slaves of Allah. Not Sons of God. That is what you claim to be, so be it!

  9. easy e on said:

    First off, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton DO NOT REPRESENT black christianity. Black Christianity as a whole has pretty mush dismissed Louis Farrakhan as a loon, so why respond to his bating? The man’s message has not charged in years. He is sickly and irrelevant and he knows it. The fact that black pastors around the US are silent should tell you just how irrelevant Farrakhan is.

    • So what you are saying is that ALL the Black preachers who invite the Minister to speak at their churches,(and that’s a whole lot of them), and all the preachers who attend preacher meetings where the Minister is the keynote speaker are ALL OFF COURSE?? And you, easy e, are imbude with the divine inspiration to discern those who have God’s approval from those who dont? Dismissed as a loon? So 2 million Blackmen were swayed to follow a loon to Washington? Man, then hurry up and save all these poor mystified souls before it’s too late! I mean, all the governments of the Caribbeans are right now receiving him with the highest honor and you’re not rushing to prevent them from being conned by a loony tune?…And what exactly makes you more aware then government officials in every part of the world who look to him for guidance and counsel??? And when are they planning to call YOU instead???

      • Mike, yes ALL Black preachers who invite Farrakhan to speak at their churches are as misguided as all White preachers who invite the KKK to speak at theirs. The Nation of Islam that Farrakhan is part of is a black supremacist movement, just like the Christian Identity movement is a white supremacist movement.

        Plus, Farrakhan was involved in the assassination of Malcolm X when Malcolm dropped the black supremacist part and went on to Sunni Islam after his hajj to Mekkah. I find that ironic too. If Malcolm X would have went to Saudi Mekkah, two years earlier, he would have seen slaves being sold on auction blocks.

        Slavery was one of those things that the Muslim world hated the League of Nations and the West for, cause the West pressured them to abandon the practice after the West decided it was too inhumane and had aboloished slavery. That is what our Western values brought to them, the abolishment of slavery, they resent us for banishing that part of their culture. Read Ibn Warraq “Defending the West”.

        We used to buy slaves in America from the Muslim Arab slave trade. Blacks and Native American tribes also owned slaves in the USA. In fact Native American tribes just voted the descendents of black slaves were not eligible for tribal benefits.

        The black slaves were the pagan blacks, that’s why you have religions like Voodoo and Santaria – a mix of the two faiths. Only 1/6 of the slaves being sold in the world at the time were sold to the USA. While we took mostly agricultural slaves, the Muslim world castrated black men (a procedure only 10% survived) and made them guard the females sex slaves (harams).

        1.5 million Europens were kidnapped and forced into the Muslim Arab slave trade. That is why Thomas Jefferson fought a war against the Barbary pirates – america’s first war was against Muslims who were hijacking ships and we were paying up to 20% of the GDP to them.

        In the Treaty of Tripoli in order to make peace we declared we were not a Christian nation and like Bush said, “Not at war with Islam” because the Muslims back then said it was their right to attack Christian nations. The Treaty also negotiated allowing people to be freed from being kidnapped without being forced into slavery.

    • I agree. Why should we give space for arguement back with Farakhan? At the end every knee is going to bow, & every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. God’s Word is not to be debated. Don’t let the devil goat us in to an arguement that need not to be had. The Word of God says resist the devil & he will flee from you. Sooo…….you catch what I’m trying to say? Hmmm think about it.

  10. Boris a servant of JESUS CHIST on said:

    Wow, the truth is, there is NO WAY TO THE FATHER BUT THROUGH THE SON, JESUS, and have you forgot that it was this same black organization that killed Malcom, wow, I don’t care what color Jesus was or is, His blood was red and He shed for me, and even Farrakhan if he would accept it, I’m a black minister and I tried the nation before when I was a young man, it could not deliver me from the drugs, gangs and sex, ONLY JESUS, His blood was the only thing that could deliver me, and as for the statement about black pastors speaking up, like them, this is the first and last time I’ll waste my time responding to ignorance, IN JESUS NAME.

    • I just can’t seem to understand how deaf, dumb and blind, some black people really are. Here you have a man, who is changing so many lives on a daily based and some of you think he is wrong when he say Black preaches are preaching the devils religion. Study your history you complacent niggers and you will see, everything that Minister Farrakhan is speaking is coming to light. I firmly, believe, after studing the Holy Quaran, and the Holy Bible, coupled with the research of Black philoshpy(ers), that white people are devils, not because they are white, but because of their thinking. Some of you that i have sit here and read, are totally off to insult minsiter Farrakhan. when none of you,.not even the black preachers can stand up to a man like this, so they wooo him in silents. Your are nothing but punks, and hypocrites, who are serving the devils interest. you are not true blackmen or blackwomen. Look at yourself, have’nt read a word or studied the Holy Quran or Holy Bible and you have the nerve to take you gift of gabb and insult my brother who is taking so many out of their FROZED STATE OF MIND and revealed the truth about these white-devils of America.
      Christianity is a religion, that started when the Slave Masters of America brought slaves from Africa and forced the slave to except christianity or the white devils would blow their brains out. What the hell would you do?, and their used MILITARY ASSISTANCE with stipping Islam of the captured slaves. Study you history of the Holy Bible, why do you think some of the books were taken out of the bible and never revealed to you. Please my people, don’t be a dumb ass all your life. Study the words of the Holy Quaran. This is the book that the white-devils didn’t want you to know.
      Brother Joe X – Chairman of the New Black Panther Party in Patterson, New Jersey.

      • Anonymous on said:

        it started when blacks were taken from Africa? they were sold not taken, by other blacks….its called slave trade that was dominated by blacks selling blacks. Christianity is way older than 400 years ago negro

  11. benniebrown on said:

    I am a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I have no problem listening to Minister Farrakhan. He speaks a hard truth and many, many ears are not ready or prepared to accept this truth. The demonization of him that is taking place bears witness that His message is too profound for some of you. But I thank God that I lived to see a true Prophet among us.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Why reply to something that is so stupid….I worship no man it doesn’t matter what color they are the only person I bow down to pray is my lord and savior Jesus Christ. All this stuff about black preachers not speakin back because who cares what Farrahkan thinks. Who made him king? People ignore it and keep it movin !!!

    • Boris a servant of JESUS CHIST on said:

      I doubt very seriously that you are a minister of Jesus Christ sir, no true minister would make a comment like that, false prophet maybe, but not a prophet of God, and I hope you live long enough to repent for that statement, you sound lukewarm to me, and God said He would vomit you out of His mouth, I’m praying for you.

  12. You made as Hell cause Blacks are not listening to you anymore! You are a divider and a lier ! You Suck for writing this mess ,because it;s not reporting what you heard ! You Mixing true with falsehood to divide the black family of God , Which we are finely waking up from the Lies that had been told to us by You and your slave teaching, Why You calling on our brother to do what you hide behind close doors to door? You charge the Minister of a lot of hateful things, But I know if you where in fact present to here for yourself I know it hurter You to here The Truth lol, But since You call it a lie then it’s only fair that You hold a debate with Him to so-set Him straight ,But You want, cause He will have You in Hell with The Truth You just can’t Handle The Truth! Which is a sad sight to see(Not) lol . Get in touch with The Nation an We will gladly have a open debate

  13. Why cry out for Rev Jesse Jackson to now come to defend Christianity? You have no respect for him yourself. He is convenient now though, isn’t he? Only now when you need him. Sorry, even Jesse knows the truth. The very topic of this writing clearly demonstrates the devices of Christianity. Deliberately leaving Blacks out of the scriptures and lying about Jesus as well. As a teenager reading the bible, my eyes were we opened, I realized that something was wrong. Much of the action in the bible occurred in Northern Africa, where there are major trade routes. There was no mention of any encounters with blacks,slaves nor Muslims. That makes NO SENSE. How can you be in this part of the world and not see any Blacks?. In Genesis, creation takes place in Ethiopia. I could go on. I realized upon further study the numerous omissions. The Bible reads like a 1940’s movie when the whole city had only white folks in it. Any black pastor worth his salt needs to start telling the people the truth. They are “silent” because many black clergy also don’t read the bible themselves. A large portion of them don’t hold advanced degrees in theology or divinity as white pastors do. I am not implying that you have to in order to be a pastor. But many of them continue to teach this slavery nonsense out of pure tradition. Most blacks as well as the pastors know the truth, Whitey Jesus is BS. If white pastors lie about this,what else have they lied about?

    • Shouldn’t Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton and every other black pastor stand up for their Christian faith when it’s under attack?

      • Did you ever see Rev Sharpton, Jackson in the same room with the Minister? Do they seem on an equal footing or do they take a back seat and listen? Come on now, Dr King went to Elijah Muhammad as a STUDENT, not an equal! So are the students of Dr King going to the Minister in the posture and dispôsition of STUDENTS to Elijah Muhammad’s top student. J.P., out of respect for your professed religion and belief, go study to be in a better position to defend and propagate it. And if you do that, you’ll be less and less inclined to come in contradiction with YOUR OWN SELF! Because if you did that, you’d recognise who you are dealing with when you are looking at the Minister…

      • benniebrown on said:

        thanks FeFe, I couldn’t have said it better. These people are so afraid that the message that the Minister is bringing to bear will sink in. “Know the truth, and it shall make you free”.

      • There Christian faith isn”t under attack. White Supremacist Eurocentric custodialship of the legacy of Jesus is. Shame on you for taking the Minister’s words out of context so you can report back to your bosses and try to misinform the public. Minister Farrakhan has come to the defense of Al sharpton and Rev. Sharpton many times. When Jesse was getting death threats during his presidential run and the police and Secret Service thought about scaling back protection it was Minister Farrakhan and the NOI who secured him. Quit trying to stir up division and emnity among Black people.

      • Is Christianity a “white” faith? Do black Christians “hate themselves” as Minister Farrakhan stated?

      • Nice misuse of quotes. Depends on whose hand it is in. In the hands of colonialist, slavemasters, and the Chrisitian “Right” it is. Nat Turner and his slavemaster read from the same book, but as history records they had two different views. Black Christians are not the same as they were at the turn of the century. They are now reaching out for a Christianity that suits their need and fits their circumstances. Christianity in the hand of whites has been a self negating tool that they used all over the Earth to manipulate native populations for their benefit. He was speaking of Black Christians who think like you and try to use Black Christians as cannon fodder in the war of “religious” gang banging.

        Minister Farrakhan has been an asset to the Black Church and Black people in general. His track record speaks for itself.

      • What brand of Christianity was Martin Luther King preaching and practicing? Was it Nat Turner’s or the slavemaster’s?

      • What brand of Christianity was Martin Luther King preaching and practicing? Was it Nat Turner’s or the slavemaster’s?

      • Bro. Derrick 3X on said:

        The only question you should ask and answer is if Min. Farrakhan is telling a lie. Any other concern is irrelevant.

    • In as much as “Christianity”, that which was devised by Constantine had was the instrument of subjugation of the peoples of Asia, Africa and America; in as much as “Christianity” is the continuum of the Roman empire and still as its seat in Rome; In as much as every denomination of “Christianity” as it’s roots in some form or another of conceptualisation of the message of Jesus by Europeans and is only borrowed by “Black” churches, then yes CHRISTIANITY IS A WHITE FAITH by DEFINITION! Now if you are talking about the Message of Jesus, well then I wouldn’t refer to it has Christianity, simply because, well, he didn’t named it such!…And what most people follow is IN FACT what comes from the organised church and religion, i.e. Catholicism and it’s later branches…As for the “hate themselves” statement; you’d have to be either blind, stupid or have bad faith not to recognise that the condition of Black people is the OBVIOUS result of hatred of self. Even a plant knows what to do to preserve its life. Even a bug seeks to do what is necessary to preserve it self. Would you say that the actions of Black people, as a people, is the result of seeking self preservation? Emphatically NO! Therefore, hatred of self is the root of such manifestation of destructive behaviour; ALL IT’S BEHAVIOURS, including seeking salvation by way of following what its OPEN enemy as prescribed for them, in this case, the religious organisation which is theirs!

      • Well J.P., to find out what brand of christianity Dr King was preaching, you simply have to listen to it. Listen to the progression, especially before and after his meeting with the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. You will notice that his undertsanding of scripture evolved so that he became more in accordance with the scriptures and, most importantly, with the pattern of God. As Moses went to tell Pharoah “let my people go”, Dr King stopped preaching “Pharoah let my people INTEGRATE” and saw HIS people get to the promised land. He also got rid of his fear of Pharoah and confronted him and his evils. He had effectively awaken from his dream, although now Pharaoh seekd to put of back to sleep by telling us that Dr King dreamt and remained asleep ’till he was killed…by Pharaoh.

  14. t jones on said:


  15. t jones on said:

    You never said a word, as long as we had the picture of a white Jesus in our minds and on our walls. A bold face lie, but you never condemned it. Now you want to say something about it. Oh lord Jesus can’t be Black, God would never choose such a lowly people for such a mighty position. What, Jesus’s mother was an Egyption? Well the Egyptians where white….Did that Farrakhan try to tell them that the Egytians where Black? Oh no he a liar…oh I know the Bible says Jesus was the seed of David and the root of Jesse, But they where white too. I know that Solemon said” I am Black, but he wasnt feeling so good that day , he was white too. Remember truth crushed to the ground will rise. Well truth is rising and all that sick rasist crap Blacks where lead to believe is being destroyed…….

    • Don’t we all worship a God who is Spirit, who could not care less whether our mortal bodies are black, white, yellow, brown or red?

      • The observation made by the atheist Dawkins comes to mind; God made man into His image and man returned the favor.

  16. Because many Black pastors agree with him. You false attribution and out of context statements notwithstanding, does not hide the fact that the Europeanizing of Jesus has served as a tool of White Supremacy that plays on the syche of Blacks and other non whites for centuries. Many Black pastors teach the same thing. The cat has been let out of the bag. Instead of trying to get the fig leaf and cover your tracks, just accept it for what it is and move on. It is ad hominem attacks like this that cause confusion and promote lies and stereotypes that have far more destructive than a Louis Farrakhan speech.

    Amazing how you equate telling the truth about Jesus with hate. Classic oppressor or slave mentality.

    • Jesus was Jewish, of Middle Eastern descent. I don’t think most black Christians have bought into the “Europeanized” portrait of Him with blonde hair and blue eyes.

      • Thank you JP……

      • Saying Jesus was Jewish of Middle Eastern Descent is like saying the Dutch who settled New York were Black because the current residents of Harlem are. First of all, the Original inhabitants of what is erroneously called the Middle East were Black. The lighter skinned Arab you see today was not a prototype of 2000 years ago in that area. And what is with the “Jewish” moniker? That is a Eastern European construct from recent Khazar converts. The Jews of that area were not the white ones so commonly associated with the term “Jewish” today.

      • THOMAS on said:

        What ? Are you for real… I have seen that picture in many black households and in many black churches…black people worshipped that lie . Many blacks are still caught up in the lies white people said was true about them. I am glad to be out of what white people said was true about my people

      • THOMAS on said:

        Sir I beg to differ once again. That was north east Africa 2000 years ago. The only thing that separates that land mass today is a white man made canel called the Suez Canal. North east Africa, Egypt etc. 2000 years ago. Whites still thought the earth was flat. Those black preachers know Farrakhan was teaching them the truth. They are waking up to the lies you still support.

  17. Anonymous on said:

    They hve done something….they’ve decided not to bow to the pressure of their former slave masters and to walk with their Brother !!!

    • They are not “walking with their brother,” otherwise they would renounce their Christian faith and join the Nation of Islam.

  18. Anonymous on said:

    Because Farrakhan is Correct, behind the Front of Worshiping Jesus, you are really worshiping White European Culture, which has been very destructive to Races/ People who are not EUROPEAN descendants and MOST Black People “NOW” know that to be the TRUTH!

    That is WHY, “Today” Black Pastors are Silent.

  19. Willie Muhammad on said:

    2012 and white and some self hating blacks still don’t want to acknowledge the truth about Jesus. He was black. Now you trying to make it appear that the Hon. Louis Farrakhan is attacking Black Christians.

    • The Hon. Louis Farrakhan is indeed attacking black Christians when he says that those who do not share his belief that Jesus was of African descent are self-hating.

      • Bro. Derrick 3X on said:

        Jesus being Black is not mere belief, it’s an actual fact. Those that go out of their way to deny it are self hating.

  20. Robert on said:

    Maybe the black Christians you mentioned agree that black people were taught to worship white flesh and not the Spirit of God. Everywhere you travel on earth, the people have gods that look like them. Why were their gods replaced with a non Asian or African Jesus and told He us the Son Of God that is the only way to the Father?

    • The black Christians I know worship not white flesh, as Farrakhan impuned, but God, the Father, and his Son, Jesus Christ.

  21. Really? You expect someone, Black, White or pockadot, to stand up and FACE Farrakhan on a debate about religion (or anything for that matter!) ? A lot of people like yourself are quick to hide behind a desk and spew out venom about this man. But to actually FACE him in a reasonable, articulated debate?? PELEASE! They know better! Now, what you really are saying is that you miss the days when you had an uncle Tom close at hand that could run to your aid and say: “We sick, Massa? We hurtin’, Massa?” But Tom knows better now then to stick his head out at becking and calling of Massa…

    • I’d be happy to face Minister Farrakhan in a “reasonable, articulated debate.” I’ve faced Jesse Jackson before in such a debate and on national television.

      • Be real now J.P., you saying you faced Jesse therefore could face the Minister is like me saying I played ball with my little cousin therefore I could take on Kobe!!…No you wouldn’t take on the Minister. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t take on none of his students or follower on a topic like that…The replies you’ve posted so far are a testimony of my comment.

      • I didn’t say I would “take on” Minister Farrakhan. I said I would be happy to meet him in a “reasonable, articulated debate.” I wouldn’t try to outpreach him, but I sure could debate him on the facts.

    • mike you spoke the truth……they know better than to face THE MINISTER ONE ON ONE”’

      • Well, J.P. that’s what I meant by “taking on”. Debating is akin to a sport, it’s mental gymnastic. And so my point stands: From what I read, which is surely representative of your mind and thinking, it’s like, a saw you shoot hoops and I tell you, you wouldn’t stand a chance on the court with any of His followers on debating with facts. And that’s not to be rude; that’s A FACT that you can rely on. Let’s go with 1: you mentioned Jesus was Middle eastern Jew: Where was his mother from? And what did the inhabitants of Palestine looked like physiologically some 2000 yrs ago, i.e. before the Persian takeover of Islam which resulted in an influx of white of very close to white people in the region of Palestine, all the way to Morocco?…the true, factual and actual answer to these questions will let you know how would Jesus be racially classified if he lived in the US of A! Playball!

  22. Hector Rodriguez on said:

    You forgot one very important point, Islam is the religion of slave keepers and slavers.
    This hasn’t change much since the 1600’s.
    Good article.

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