‘Octomom’ Bares Body and Corrupted Soul


Nadya Suleman tells the British magazine Closer, “I will be celibate for the next 15 years.” Too bad she didn’t take her vow of celibacy 15 years ago.

Then, maybe, she wouldn’t have the 14 children she’s raising without benefit of a loving, supportive husband. Then, maybe, she wouldn’t have taken $10,000 from the magazine to pose in the semi-nude.

The 36-year-old California serial mom put out for the magazine because she apparently is hard up for money.

She doesn’t get child support from any of her babies’ daddies. Neither the six resulting from five pregnancies beginning in 2001. Nor the octuplets she bore in 2009, for which she earned the ignominious moniker “Octomom.”

She no longer receives state welfare benefits, for some unspecified reason. And she doesn’t work because she has her 14 kids to look after.

Meanwhile, because Octomom hasn’t been making the kind of money she used to from paid interviews and fully-clothed photo shoots, she has fallen eight months behind on her mortgage. Her attorney says she is facing eviction as early as this week.

So she took her clothes off for the British mag to earn enough to move herself and her brood into a rental home.

What saddens is that Suleman thinks her children are just fine. “I can’t believe how fortunate they are,” she said.

Well, no one in her right mind would wish such dubious fortune upon any child:

To be born out of wedlock, one of 14 children raised by a single mom. To grow up without a father. To live in poverty. To have a mom who takes money to pose in nothing but a pair of nude panties.

If all 14 of Octomom’s children make it to adulthood without succumbing to some pathology or another it will be nothing short of a miracle.

Given the circumstances under which they are being raised, it is almost certain that one (or three or more) will be a substance abuser, or teen parent, or school dropout or criminal offender.

That is the future to which Suleman has condemned her pitiable children. Let us pray the unfit mom bears no more.

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2 thoughts on “‘Octomom’ Bares Body and Corrupted Soul

  1. Guzuncho on said:

    You would prefer that her pitiful children had been murdered before born, wouldn’t you. For shame.

    • While I believe that Suleman is an unfit mom, I also believe that, once conceived, her unborn children had an absolute right to life. Parents make mistakes. But no child is a mistake. Amen.

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