Is the WaPo’s ‘On Faith’ Blog Biased?

Paul Wilson is not going to endear himself to the editors of  The Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog.


The Post describes it as “a conversation on religion and politics.”  But in a report published this week by the Media Research Center, Wilson asserts that the blog “more accurately resembles a diatribe justifying liberal politics with religious imagery.”

The most recent example, writes Wilson, a Masters student at Catholic University, a researcher for MRC’s Culture and Media Center,  is an “On Faith” blog post this past week by Becky Garrison, who argued that actor Kirk Cameron is a not an authentic Christian because he opposes same-sex marriage.

The implication of Garrison’s rant is that the more than one-quarter of Americans that are evangelical Protestants – as estimated last year by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life – are counterfeit Christians.

That’s because, like Cameron, the vast majority of the evangelical community opposes homosexual marriage.

All told, writes Wilson, MRC analyzed 149 “On Faith” blog posts over a two-month span, from December 1 of last year to January 31 of this year. “Posts that posited a liberal view of religion outnumbered conservatives posts by over a 3 to 1 ratio,” Wilson found.

Even when “On Faith” stoops to publish a blog post by a Christian conservative, the liberal bias of its editors rears itself.

For instance, Wilson notes, the writings of Jordan Sekulow, the only one of “On Faith’s” regular bloggers who holds a traditional Christian conservative political view, are labeled “Religious Right Now.” By contrast, writes Wilson, “left-wing hack Anthony Stevens-Arroyo’s blog is simply titled ‘Catholic America.’”

It is no secret to anyone who reads The Washington Post that its editorial page is one of the most liberal in the entire country.

But what many unsuspecting Post readers may not know is that the paper’s liberal bias has thoroughly corrupted its religious coverage.

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