Now We Know Why Stephen Hawking is Godless


Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist, the cosmologist, has been shaking his fist at God the past few years.

In 2010, he authored a book, “The Grand Design,” in which he declared that God had nothing to do with life as we know it. “Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something, rather than nothing,” he wrote, “why the universe exists, why we exist.”

Then, last year, he told the United Kingdom’s Guardian newspaper that the Bible is a fiction. “There is no heaven or afterlife,” he said. “That is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.”

It was understandable that Hawking might be angry with God. He suffers from a motor neuron disease that has left him almost completely paralyzed. He communicates through a speech-generating device.

Still, there seemed to be another – unspoken – explanation for Hawking’s over-the-top hostility toward his Creator.

Well, we may now have that explanation: Hawking has for some time lived with a secret sin for which he clearly feels guilty.

That sin was exposed this week when news reports revealed that the 2009 recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, this nation’s highest civilian award, has made multiple visits to a Southern California sex club.

Cambridge University, where Hawking currently serves as Research Director of the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, confirmed yesterday that the 70-year-old, wheelchair-bound physicist has indeed visited Freedom Acres, where patrons are promised their “ultimate swing club experience.”

Freedom Acres is not merely a strip club, with scantily clad (or fully unclad) dancers writhing for paying customers. It promises its male patrons sex with accommodating women every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and – God forgive them – Sunday.

It’s understandable that a man, like Hawking, who delights in such prurient activity, would want to suppress his moral conscience.

So, to quiet that still, small voice that tells the physicist that what he is doing is wrong, that his handicap does not entitle him to sexual depravity, Hawking insists to himself – and anyone else who will listen – that there is no God.

That there is no inherent right or wrong in the universe.

But I am persuaded there is a God. And that He may very well have used the media to expose Hawking’s secret sin.

Not because God wants to punish the physicist. But because He loves him and wants him to know that heaven is no fairytale. And that the pain and suffering Hawking has endured in this life will not follow him to the afterlife.

If he but believes.

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3 thoughts on “Now We Know Why Stephen Hawking is Godless

  1. Robert Bobinski on said:

    The problem with Christianity is that many, though fortunately not all Christians have very long noses with which they look down at the rest of the world. I think it is hitting very far below the belt to publish this kind of trash about someone. What he is doing may be “wrong,” but who are you to expose it. I can almost be certain you have skeleton’s in your own closet, which is probably why you are so eager to expose his.

  2. This isn’t about brothels and strip clubs. The flesh is weak, Christian or atheist. It is about Hawkings need to justify his choices and existence. If Hawking knows there is no God, why is he so furious with a ‘non-existing being’, so bent on ‘proving’ there is no God and ruthlessly hateful of those who do believe? I know there’s no tooth fairy but I am not furious with him or her, nor am I spending my life proving her or him non-existent. I sure have better things to do in my life than hate tooth fairy believers.
    Hawking is obsessed. He needs desperately to prove to himself there is no God and so far he hasn’t been successful or he wouldn’t still be continuing his feverish and ultimately fruitless quest. Remember what they say about he who ‘doth protest too much’…..

  3. Hard to be mad at someone who doesn’t exist. Now we know why Stephen Hawkins is godless? And how many bible thumping christians visit brothels and strip clubs on a regular basis?

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