The Rise of Christophobia


Had I not gotten a tire changed this past Wednesday, had I not sat down in the waiting area, had I not sifted through a table full of magazines, I probably wouldn’t have come across the two-week old, February 13 issue of Newsweek.

I think the Lord meant me to read the cover story, “The War on Christians.” It reveals that the persecution of followers of Christ is as rampant today as it was two during New Testament times.

During the time of Peter and Paul, Christians were persecuted primarily by Caesar’sRome. Two thousand years later, Christians face their greatest danger in Muslim countries.

“The violent oppression of Christian minorities,” wrote Newsweek’s Ayaan Hirsi Ali, “has become the norm in Muslim-majority nation’s stretching from West Africa and the Middle East to South Asia and Oceania.”

A graphic accompanying the article indicates that, from 2003 to 2010, terrorist attacks on Christians in Africa, the Middle East and Asian increased 309 percent. “It is a rising genocide that ought to provoke global alarm,” wrote Ali.

There are several possible reasons Muslim atrocities against Christians haven’t generated far more media coverage, the Newsweek staffer suggested.

“One may be fear of provoking additional violence,” she wrote. “Another is most likely the influence of lobbying groups such as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation – a kind of United Nations of Islam centered inSaudi Arabia– and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

Any individual or organization that dares to call attention to the Muslim War on Christianity the Newsweek cover story documented is tarred by the lobbying groups Ali mentioned (and others) of being “Islamaphopic.”

Such protests today by the OIC, CAIR and other Muslim apologists are no less outrageous than the lie Nero told 2000 years ago that Christ followers were responsible for the Great Fire of Rome.

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2 thoughts on “The Rise of Christophobia

  1. Jay Ilognon on said:

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a brave woman, I should tell everyone here. I praise her for the fearless journalism that is meant to open the eyes of the oblivious and hurt the haters. I myself live in a Christian community here in the Philippines that is constantly persecuted by Islamists and I can relate to her every word she said in her article. Christophobia is real, it is happening. Haters can say what they want but it is understandably normal for the offended to speak out. Again, it’s a good thing that someone finally brought Christophobia to world’s attention.

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