Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord


I was a CHINO – CHristian In Name Only – for much of my adult life. I’d show up in church on rare occasions. Weddings and funerals. Christmas and Easter.

Sundays were my day. To sleep off Saturday nights on the town. To enjoy a nice brunch. To watch a little football or play a little golf.

Then I got married. And my wife persuaded me to accompany her to a Mother’s Day church service. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. I was reborn again.

Eight years later, I look forward to Sundays. It’s no longer my day, to do as I please, but the Lord’s Day. My wife and I cannot wait to get to church to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ, to be stirred by the praise and worship music, to hear the Word of God preached.

I have friends and acquaintances who consider themselves Christians, who see things the way I did before my Mother’s Day transformation. 

They think it unnecessary to attend church every Sunday. They believe they can worship God from the comfort of their homes, at their convenience.

 They are CHINOs.

Indeed, they spend five days a week, eight hours a day (or more), toiling for their worldly employer. They spend Saturdays doing their own thing. Yet, they cannot spend a few hours in the House of the Lord on Sunday mornings.

I do not condemn non-churchgoing CHINOs. After all, I was one myself.

My prayer is that they will one day be convicted by the Holy Spirit, as I was eight years ago. And that they, too, will be reborn again.

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