Evolution remains history’s biggest scientific fraud

Alan Walker and Pat Shipman claim to have peered 18 million years into the past and glimpsed the life of the last common ancestor between apes and humans. This crucial link in our supposed human evolution is a fossil-ape called “Proconsul,” which, I kid you not, researchers named after a once-famous performing chimpanzee called “Consul.”

Walker and Shipman are co-authors of The Ape in the Tree, which is marketed as a science book for the general public. It just won the American Anthropological Association’s W.W. Howells Book Award for 2009.

The two Penn State University are obviously convinced, though they do no come right out and say it, that Proconsul is the “missing link” evolutionists have been searching for since Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species 150 years ago.

The attributes of Proconsul have profound implications for the very definition of humanness,” asserts Shipman. “This book speaks not only of an ape in a tree but also of the ape in our family tree.”

Does it really?

The problem I have with Walker and Shipman, and with other adherents to the gospel of evolution, is that they can never satisfactorily explain why there are no living, breathing links between apes and humans.

Indeed, we see apes, which, according to evolutionary theory, predated humans in the history of the planet. And, of course, we see humans. But we don’t see any ape-men and women roaming around. We don’t see any Proconsuls.

That’s why I think it is perfectly reasonable that school children not only learn about the theory of evolution but also about intelligent design – which the anti-religious disparage as “creationism.”

I believe that a more persuasive case actually can be made for intelligent design – that God created man and woman – than for evolution – that homo sapiens are descendants of apes. And most Americans agree with me, according to a Gallup poll earlier this year, notwithstanding the pro-evolution indoctrination most of us have received since we were schoolchildren.

Yes, it is matter of faith to believe the Biblical story of creation. But it is no less a matter of faith to believe that yesterday’s monkeys somehow transmogrified into today’s human beings.

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