Unfit Octomom

I caught the first ten minutes or so of the “Octomom” documentary on Fox last night. Shame on Rupert Murdoch’s network for giving unfit mother Nadya Suleman not just another 15 minutes of undeserved fame, but a whole two hours worth.

I knew early on that I wasn’t going to be able to stomach the entire spectacle after a scene involving Octomom and her misbehaving two-year-old. When she attempted to discipline the infant, he bit her and not-so-endearingly called her “Bitch.”

The next scene I remember was at a low-rent tattoo parlor where Octomom got herself some ink depicting an angel and 14 surrounding stars – one for each of her children.

Obviously, she hadn’t spent much time reading her Bible otherwise she would have known that the book of Leviticus admonishes: “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh …nor print any marks upon you.”

What particularly worries me about “Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage” is that it almost certainly will encourage copycats.

Indeed, if you’re a young woman with nothing much going for you and you see that a former stripper – like Octomom – living off welfare, with nothing much going for her can achieve fame and fortune by doing nothing more than having a whole litter of babies, why not give it a shot yourself?

Your womb is just as good as hers.

But no matter how much notoriety, how much lucre Octomom and other multiple-birthing moms gain, they do great harm to their offspring. For it is all but impossible to raise 14 children and give each and every child the time and attention he or she needs to enjoy a healthy, well-adjusted life. .

And, in the case of Octomom, she not only is trying to defy the odds, to successfully raise 14 children to adulthood without any succumbing to pathology (including birthing 14 or so children of their own), she is trying to do so without the father (or fathers) of her children.

Nadya Suleman is the antithesis of good parenting. She ought to have her tubes tied before she procreates again.

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