Joy of marriage

God, the best maker of all marriage                                                                                  Combine your hearts into one.                                                                                      William Shakespeare

My wife and I just celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary today. Getting married, leaving behind nearly 20 years of bachelorhood, was one of the best life decisions I ever made.

The question I ask myself to this very day is what took me so long to make it to the marriage altar. For I was well aware of the empirical evidence that married folk are better off than not-married folk by virtually ever indicator.

Indeed, “Research has shown that a healthy, happy marriage is the most important factor to beneficially impact people’s finances, emotional well-being, physical conditioning and children’s academic success,” according to Dr. Scott Wetzler, a leading authority on relationships, who is Chief of the Division of Psychology at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.

Yet, when I was unmarried, I was wary of giving up my bachelor lifestyle. Like most of the never-been-married thirty-to-forty-something men I know today, I felt that my quality-of-life was the same or better than any of the married men I knew.

I know now that I was deluding myself. For never in my bachelor life did I have as a deep a sense of fulfillment as I routinely do in my married life. And, I think that’s because God did not mean us to walk alone in life but to be joined, one to another, in holy matrimony.

That’s why it is so important that true believers make their voices heard, and their votes counted, in the current public policy debate over marriage. Because there is no alternative to traditional marriage between man and woman that provides comparable benefits in terms of health, wealth and happiness.

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