Tooth for a tooth

I just finished reading a rather snarky posting on the staff blog of the OC Weekly, an “alternative” newsweekly out of Orange County, California.

It was authored by staff writer Gustavo Arellano, who dedicated much of his blog post to an attack on Trinity Broadcasting Network, America’s most-watched religious network, which happens to be headquartered in the OC.

Arellano passed along a letter from a reader who has a beef with TBN. The reader had a record producer client/friend (“mostly hip-hop, r&b, black music”) who wanted to put on a Christian music festival. So the reader pitched the idea to TBN on behalf of his client/friend.

The reader was “completely shocked” that TBN did not volunteer to “pay for production or licensing/syndication fees” for the proposed festival. “I’ve worked in Hollywood a long time,” she wrote, “and I’ve never encountered anyone as greedy as TBN.”

Yeah, right.

The insipid letter took up most of Arellano’s blog post but what I found most interesting was Arellano’s explanation of why he was sharing it. It was “an apology of sorts” for his missing a scheduled public appearance.

As it turns out, Arellano was supposed to present a speech on religion before the OC chapter of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State.

“Just half an hour before my 2 p.m. start,” he related, “a blinding tooth ache forced me to visit the emergency room at Kaiser Permanente’s Irvine branch,” which, in turn, prevented him from presenting his anti-religion speech to the OC separationists.

Arellano and his fellow non-believers no doubt attributed the timing of his blinding tooth ache to happenstance. I see it as confirmation that the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

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