Calling Tipper Gore

I spent an hour and a half at my neighborhood health club yesterday. I could barely get through it.

Not because my workout was so taxing, but because of the omnipresent background music – selected by the club – that accompanied my workout.

The playlist was gleaned from the latest Billboard charts. The songs are a sad testament to just how depraved the music industry has become.

Like the song “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. It tops this week’s Billboard charts. Its lyrics include the following:

“Fill up my cup/Mazol tov/Look at her dancing/Just take it off.”

Those suggestive lyrics are tame compared to the No. 2 song on charts, “Best I Ever Had,” by Drake. It goes:

Get it from the back and make ya f***** bra strap pop/All up in ya till a n**** hit the jackpot.”

And even the lyrics of female artists are brazenly sexual, like “LoveGame” by Lady Gaga, No. 7 on Billboard’s hit parade.

“Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick/I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.”

I accept that the Black Eyed Peas and Drake and Lady Gaga and every other musical artist have a First Amendment right to record songs that offend my Christian sensibilities.

But I believe I have just as much right not to hear such offensive music in public places like, say, department stores or restaurants or, yes, neighborhood health clubs.

What we need is a second coming of the Parents Music Resource Center, which was co-founded by Tipper Gore, wife of former Vice President Al Gore. PMRC raised public consciousness about the profane and indecent lyrics that appeared on record albums without the knowledge of most of America’s parents.

Because of PMRC’s activism, record labels started placing stickers on music informing buyers of “explicit lyrics or content.”

It is a good thing that consumers are properly warned that a piece of music they are considering purchasing at their local Tower Records or on Amazon contains mortally repugnant lyrical content.

The time has come when establishments that cater to the public should be compelled to forewarn the unsuspecting that they may be exposed to background music – while they are shopping, eating, working out or whatever – that is offensive to their ears.

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